7 Smart Questions to Ask in a Job Interview (Job Interview Tips)

7 Smart Questions to ask in a job interview (Job interview tips)

In this article, you’ll learn the smart interview questions to ask in a Job interview. At the end of the interview most hiring managers will ask, Do you have any questions for us? Sadly, most people respond that we do not have any questions.


Sometimes it could be because you’re still nervous about the whole interview process. But what you need to know is that this is your opportunity to show that you are an enthusiastic employee, you are keen to start work and you care about the organization.

Now, let’s go into these questions you should ask in your job interview.


#1 Could you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities that I would have in the role?

This is a smart question because it shows you are interested in knowing the type of duties you will be doing, and what the company expects from you.

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#2 What can I do to impress you in the first three months of starting?

This is also a great question and a smart one. This is so because this question demonstrates a keen and enthusiastic approach to the work! It also shows that you need to hit the group running in the role.

#3 What are the plans for the company over the next five years? 

Now, this is a simple but highly effective question. This tells the interviewer that you plan to stay working for the company for a long time. 


#4 Could to describe the culture of the organisation?

This question tells the interviewer that you are a smart and forward-thinking employee. Workplace culture is an integral part of any successful organization. Asking this question shows you understand its importance.

#5 What is the best thing about working for this company?

This is a great question because it allows the employer to talk about their company and what they consider to be the positive aspects of working there, hence making them feel positive.

This is just a way to send a positive vibe to the employer. By doing this you have taken so much control of the hiring manager on yourself over others who came for the interview.

#6 Can you tell me more about the team I’ll be working in?

This is smart because it demonstrates to the hiring manager that you are a team player: a quality that is absolutely crucial in all job roles.

#7 What are the next stages of the process and when can I contact you to know whether or not I have been successful.

This question gives you vital information about what happened next. It also reduces the chances of you not hearing anything from them for days or even weeks when the interview is over.

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Whatever answer the interviewer gives you, remember to act on it. If they give you a particular day to call back, make sure you do so. You can set a reminder on your devices to ensure you never forget. That can be another way of showing you are really interested in working with them.


These are seven brilliant interview questions to consider asking in your job interview. What you need to know is that you don’t have to ask all seven in one interview, the interviewer may not have that time to be answering you.

Also, know that the interview is about you and not about them, they should ask you the majority of the questions, not you asking them. Also, you have to understand that the interviewer has other people lined up to be interviewed after you.

I’ll rather advise that you choose three questions you will like to ask from the seven I have listed In this article. You can try to discern which of these questions will be more relevant in that particular interview session based on how the interview is going and how the interviewer is driving his/her questions.

Let me know which of these questions you are going to ask in your next interview in the comment session below. 

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