How to Network Effectively in 2023

Effective networking

In this article, I’ll be showing you five tips on how to socialize your way confidently, casually, and professionally through any networking event, so that you can make new acquaintances and friends and be able to improve your communication skills.

Many times when you go to networking events, you can feel awkward, and that can make you not want to talk to anybody. If you normally do not go to networking events because you feel you are forcing a conversation with someone then this article will help you master some techniques that will help you not to feel awkward going to a networking event. 


Before we go into these five tips that will help you network properly in a networking event, kindly check our previous content;

Now, let’s get into the tips


1. Remember the point of a network g event is to meet others and not to get a job.

Most networking events open the opportunity for people to connect and that is different from a Job fare. Some people treat networking events as if it’s a job fair and you will find some people carrying many copies of their resumes and giving them to the hiring managers there who came there for a different reason.

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Nobody likes a person who is just out for themselves, nobody will want to connect with that person nor want to refer you to a job.


2. Go with the Intention to meet new friends, just one, but if you find more than one, great!

Here is a way to see it. Instead of going to networking events to look for contacts, you should go to a networking event to make one new friend. The reason for this is that if you go to a networking event just to get new contacts, the whole moment will just be cold.

If you tell yourself that you’re going to meet a friend and find someone you will be able to connect with, that alone changes the whole dynamics and how you carry yourself. That also increases your chances of actually getting that contact. 

If you are going to a huge networking event why will you only look for one friend to connect with when you can connect with a whole lot of people. At the same time, you don’t want to just go to such an event and be making friends with everybody, you have to respect yourself as an adult and take your time and find those people you want to connect with.

The way to see a networking event is as an opportunity to make new friends. It doesn’t have to be hundreds of friends, just one or two can just be it.

3. Be curious 

If after the conversation you find out that both of you are still curious about each other, and both of you are on the same wavelength, then that person could be that potential friend you’re going to connect with.

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Once in a while, you can check in on that person just to find out how they are doing. What that does is that it establishes a new bond between you and that person and that is achieved from multiple interactions and that is how you can have real contacts and who knows, this can potentially lead to job offers or partnerships someday.

4. Hang out with them if the vibe feels good but move on if not.

As much as you may like people to ask about you, it is important you also ask about them too. When you’re starting a conversation with someone in a networking event, be curious about them and ask them “how do you see the event so far?” ask them what they do and where they are from.

Try getting to know them in the first 5-10 minutes of the conversation, this will make it obvious to you if you’re getting a good vibe and want to continue talking with them for the rest of the evening or not.

If you are not flowing well with the person then you should not force it, just find someone else that you can easily flow with and connect with. 

To be curious doesn’t mean interrogation, don’t just start there and keep throwing questions at them and not listen to what they are saying. Try to connect, listen to them and try to understand what they are saying.

5. Make sure to say goodbye to that person if you are the first person to leave and connect online.

Don’t forget to say goodbye and add them to LinkedIn or connect with another social networking platform, taking time to say goodbye before you leave really shows you truly care about them. 

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This is how to increase a great chance of meeting that person later in the future, so it is vital to show people that you value them. These are the five tips to help you to connect with people in a networking event.

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