6 Best Side Hustles for Making Money While in College in 2023

6 best side hustles for making money while in college

Let’s talk about the 6 best side hustles you can have while in school. These side hustles are not just those basic things every student thinks about when it comes to making money for them, these are tested and proven hustles for students while in school.

Making money in college can be tough because you are trying to balance your classes with a job that is willing to pay you a decent amount. This challenge has made a lot of students stay broke or rely on parents or guardians for funds. But there are a bunch of ways you can make money while in school and I am going to be sharing my favorites with you.


Without further ado let’s begin.

#1. Experiments 

The first side hustle is to participate in an experiment. Not many people know this but colleges will pay you to participate in their research. Most schools actually needed students to be part of their research team but they don’t advertise it because if they do many students will want to apply and they don’t need many people to apply.


The good part of this is that it doesn’t take a lot of your time. The pay depends on the experiment you will be doing and for some, your pay will depend on your performance. Experiments are one way you’re going to make money and college is one of the few times you will be able to do that

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#2. Selling notes 

I know you may never have thought of selling notes as a source of income. In every school, you will always have those sets of students who always skip classes. Your target market will be those people including those that sleep in classes, even those who were too lazy to write notes in classes.

All you have to do is make sure your note is complete and the writing is clear and easy to read. Once your classmates know you do note for sale, many of them will deliberately withdraw from classes when they know you have a comprehensive lesson note. 


Sometimes you may go a little bit further to summarize the entire semester textbook and sell it, which will enable those who cannot wait to go through the entire textbook in order to prepare for exams. You just have to be a good student that attends class and takes notes.

People are always willing to pay for their grades, so if need be you can create materials and put them up on the school Facebook groups and other school platforms and make money.

#3. Competitions

Participating in competitions is the most lucrative thing you can do. Many schools have a bunch of competitions where the team works together to solve problems. The top playing teams always get prizes, which is usually a lot of money.

Many people withdraw from things like this because they think it’s too hard and too competitive. As a result, not many people participate in some of these competitions and the chances of winning are not that low.

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Most of these competitions don’t need people who have superpowers they just need people with critical thinking skills and once you do that you can realize thousands of dollars from these competitions.

#4. Mystery eating 

What basically mystery shopping is, is that a company will let you eat in their shop for free for a review of how their service is. It’s a good way for big companies to figure out how they will improve. Basically, they will give you the minimum amount you can spare then they’ll reimburse you for that amount.

Sometimes you get to profit from it but usually, you don’t. But the good thing is that you get to eat for free which is basically you saving money and for a student that is important. 

Some students do this all the time and get multiple free meals a week. One website that always does this is marketforce.com and it’s a cool way to save money while eating out with your friends.

#5. Dog walking 

If you take up dog walking as a means of making money as a student, you’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can make every single month. How much you can make from it also depends on where your school. If you go to school in big cities and communities with busy families, you’ll find dogs to walk with.

You can just start off and advertise yourself to connect with people who need someone to walk their dogs. Some people can really put off a lot of money to achieve that and who wouldn’t want to get paid to play with dogs all day.

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#6. Starting your own business 

Colleges are the best places to put your hands into a lot of different businesses because you have access to different resources and can take risks. The key thing is to find something you’ll love doing and then find a way to market it and find people who are willing to pay for it.

You can bake a cake, learn how to design a wordpress blog, and so on. Some of the biggest companies today like Facebook started in school days. If you are in college, consider trying your hands on different things, you might never know where it will learn you tomorrow.

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