3 Best Investment Instruments to Realize Your Dream Home

Having a comfortable home that meets the criteria is everyone’s dream. However, sometimes this is quite difficult to realize due to the skyrocketing house prices from time to time.

Investing can be one way to realize your dream home. As a novice investor, you need to understand what are the best and suitable investment instruments to use in realizing your dream home. Here are the 3 best investment instruments as a solution so that your dream of owning a house will soon come true!



Mutual Funds

The first instrument that is most suitable to be used in planning to buy your dream home is a mutual fund! Why is that? Mutual funds have several advantages that are very beneficial for novice investors. Besides being very easy to manage, investing in mutual funds is also assisted by an Investment Manager in investing funds in your securities portfolio.


Not only that, mutual funds have a variety of options that you can adjust to your dream home purchase plan. One of them is stock mutual funds that have high returns and long tenors, so they are suitable for use if you have plans to buy a house in the next three to five years.

However, if you want to invest in mutual funds with a shorter tenor, you can choose fixed-income mutual funds. This type of mutual fund is perfect for those of you who want to get a stable return. In addition, there are also mixed mutual funds which are a combination of stock and bond instruments. This mutual fund is a type of mutual fund with a varied portfolio, so it is very suitable for your price and income growth.

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Do you want to have a high return from investment activities? If so, stocks can be the solution for you! This one instrument is very suitable to be used if you have a longer time in the target of realizing your dream home. By owning stocks, you have the potential to earn profits that are often higher than the inflation rate.


However, you need to note that stocks also have a higher level of risk when compared to other investment instruments. You can minimize this risk by choosing blue-chip stocks that tend to have good performance. In addition, you can also choose stocks whose movements are not too aggressive. Do not let you be lulled by “fried” stocks that seem profitable, but are actually very detrimental to you.



The last instrument that can be your best choice in investing safely and with minimal risk is gold! Gold is an appropriate conventional investment instrument for hedging or hedging. Hedging is very important for you considering that house prices continue to soar all the time.

Gold can protect the funds you allocate from the risk of currency exchange rate fluctuations which are often detrimental. This makes gold one of the wealth protection tools due to its ability to keep assets safe from the scour of inflation.

You need to allocate a special expenditure item to buy gold so that the investment can work. In addition, you must pay attention to the movement of gold prices and make purchases at the right time. You can get a lot of profit if you make a sale when the gold price is rising.

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Investment Tips to Realize Your Dream Home

Doing investment activities can be a more efficient solution in realizing your dream home when compared to saving activities. The interest generated from savings is certainly not as large as the return that can be obtained from investment activities through several instruments. In fact, you need to prepare some funds to pay administrative fees and other costs if you save money in savings.

However, you also need to be careful in investing, especially when choosing which instrument is the most appropriate and suitable for you to use. Each type of investment has its own advantages and risks. You can choose the investment instrument that best suits your risk profile.

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