Ondo Vice Principal Calls Out a Student Over Disrespectful Chat On Facebook


Vice Principal of a school in Ondo state, shares his chat with a disrespectful student he had on Facebook.

Adeniji Emmanuel Sunday, a Vice Principal of a school in Ondo state, calls out a student over a disrespectful chat he had with him on Facebook.

The Vice Principal described the student with Facebook username, Marley Kesh as a ‘good-for-nothing’ boy from a bad home. He also threatened to block all his underaged followers on the platform over the disrespectful chat.

See his Facebook post below..

It is very easy to know a child from a bad home. Such a child has no respect for his parents at home and his teachers at school. If the opportunity is available, he beats them up. But the end of such a child is a total disaster. As a teacher, I releate well with my students. The responsible ones know this and they respect me for it. It is very true that out of every 12 there must be one Judas. The boy you are looking at here is one of such good-for-nothing boys. This evening I got his message: dis man how far? I thought it wa a message sent by mistake to me. He replied in the affirmative: yes o wetin happen we no dey for school ooo. You can see the attached message. He goes by the name Marley Kesh. All underaged friends on my friends list shall be blocked. How will you describe him?

Ondo Vice Principal shares chat with disrespectful student on Facebook teacher

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