Why Speed Darlington wants to sue rapper 50 Cent

Internet rapper, Speed Darlington has threatened to sue US rapper 50 Cent with claims that he stole his style. Speed Darlington took to social media where he posted a screenshot from a video which had 50 Cent standing in front of a car.

According to Speed Darlington, that posture was copied from one of his music videos.

He wrote:

Is it me or this man is biting my style in the video where I captured this picture? Everybody knows I be in front of my Benzo going nowhere with my phone resting on light pols or other public property while I record myself. Somebody tell him am a trouble maker too. Only reason I haven’t sue any of my crew members yet is because I don’t have a crew. I once sued insurance company and won; who is a yesteryear rapper? I’m not that Yoruba boy on your show u gave spon to lick. Stop biting my style.”

Instagram users are already tagging 50 Cent to the post, and we expect a Savage response from him as usual.

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