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May 25, 2019 ‘What I’ve Learnt From My Failed Marriage’– Actress Who Goes Unclad On IG Live, Etinosa Reveals

Nollywood actress and Internet sensation, Etinosa Idemudia who recently went viral for baring her who body on Instagram Live Video with singer MC Galaxy is also a victim of domestic abuse during her marriage before it hit the rocks.

In a recent interview, Etinosa opened up on what the failed marriage has thought her and how the incident with ‘Sekem’ crooner, MC Galaxy, affected her emotionally and psychological.

Speaking to Vanguard, the actress said the video of her undressing herself which went viral affected both positively and negatively. She said; “Emotionally, yes it affected me. Psychologically, maybe, yes. It had positive and negative effects, mostly positive and I’m happy about that.”

On how she overcame the down moment suffered from the incident, the screen diva held that “with the support of friends and family, I put aside all the noise around me and negative backlash and I focused on my work.

“Thankfully, I’m a very busy person, I have a lot of things to keep me busy and not things to remind me of who I was, but who I am. Circumstances around you should never ever define you. Irrespective of what has happened, I’m still who I am. I’m still a great person, a star and a content producer. So I focused on doing just that, doing my work and minding my business.”

‘What I’ve Learnt From My Failed Marriage’– Actress Who Goes Unclad On IG Live, Etinosa Reveals
Actress Etinosa

Etinosa said her ex-husband, Navy Lieutenant Babatunde Solomon Korede had always been violent before they got married, however, for one reason or another, she decided to ignore that part of him and went ahead to marry him. In her words;

“Character, attitude, behaviour, habits that come around to ruin a marriage, don’t just come from nowhere in a marriage. They’ve always been there. We’ve always known that this person was like this. We all see the signs before we get married, but I don’t know if it’s pressure or the butterflies in the tummy, that makes us overlook them and be like “Let me just manage this one”. You keep managing and then, one day, you wake up and realise that you are about to die, you can no longer manage and you want to leave.

The lesson here is: You see the traits in a person before getting married to that person. You know yourself, what you can take, what you don’t want and what can kill you. If you see those traits, it’s best to walk away before it gets ugly, while everybody is still in love and friendly with each other. “Find your level/square-root”! Don’t go and force yourself when you’re seeing the bad characters/things and ugly pictures of that person and still believe you’ll make it work. No, you’ll just kill yourself or end up with a shattered marriage. “A stitch in time saves nine”. My own is, you walk out in time saves your body.

The beautiful actress got married to Lieutenant Korede, her estranged husband of seven years when she was 22 years of age.

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