Vector tha Viper isn’t for the ‘smallies’ in his latest vibe music, ‘Women And Sex’. The singer gives his fans something to talk about – for a very long time.

Just like Vector did in the video of one of his mega hit songs, ‘Shiga’, he again appealed to the sensual organs of viewers with a scrumptious flick of the new track, ‘Women And Sex’.

‘Women and Sex’ is released under the ‘Vector’s Vibe’ theme, which explores the rapper’s mindset when it comes to intercourse off the mind body and spirit.

Off Vector’s much-awaited EP, ‘Vibes Before Teslim,’ the multiple award-winning wordsmith takes us through an intimate relationship between two individuals, flaunting their romance for the public to see.

“The much anticipated Vibes Before Teslim EP kicks off with this sultry number that highlights the many facets of the complicated but intimate moments in the interactions between two people,” he said.

Vector raps to praise her woman for the positive energy she gives him in ‘Women and Sex’. Apparently, the rapper decided to go for a public location to dramatize how he wants those crushing on her woman to get jealous.

The partly themed retro music video for ‘Woman and Sex’ is precise, captivating and laced with sights to behold. Watch below;

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