The 7 Sins Of Davido And Accompanying Sanctions

In recent time, there has been emphasis on the need to participate in the one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme mandated under the enabling Act.

The calls amidst the recent realities of sacks, resignations and disqualifications (among others) of political leaders who became graduates at and/or before the age of thirty but failed to participate in the scheme.

The mandatory NYSC scheme is governed by several codes and ethics, the violation of which attracts penalties, ranging from extension of service year to termination of service year and prosecution among other disciplinary actions to be determined by the designated and/or empowered officials of the Scheme.

David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, recently put in for the mandatory NYSC program sequel to his graduation from the University before the age of thirty. Consequently, he was mobilised to the Iyana Ipaja, Lagos Orientation Camp of the Scheme but has since taken off to do other things.

Davido is widely acknowledged and popular both home and abroad. That said, can we conclude that the George Orwell’s view about the society by his book ‘Animal farm’ is in play? Whence, he said by several allegorical syllogism: “All animals are equal but some are more equal than the other”. In other words, it seems we are all equal before the law but some are more equal than others. The question is; is Davido above all other Corps members currently participating in the program to the extent that he cannot be sanctioned, queried and/or at least cautioned if found wanting?

Davido, 26, was one of the 2,152 Batch ‘B’ Stream II corps members sworn-in at the NYSC orientation camp at Iyana Ipaja in August, 2018. Since Davido joined the Scheme, the Following are the SEVEN NYSC Rules of engagement broken by him:

1. Davido was brought into the Orientation camp a chauffeur Driven White exotic car and drove amidst fanfare among other corps members and obviously protected by security guides.

2. Davido left the Orientation camp and never participated in the activities of NYSC at the camp.

The Pop star left the orientation camp to Boston in United States ahead of his ‘Locked Up’ Concert. Afterward, he performed at the opening

day of Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, United States.

3. After leaving the orientation camp, Davido never returned.

4. Davido’s Primary Place of Assignment is unknown.

5. Davido did not report promptly to his Primary Place of Assignment or participate in activities at his secondary place of assignment.

6. Davido continues to engage in his private practice as a musician.

7. Davido fully participated in politics during the recently concluded governorship elections in Osun State.

It is noteworthy that the above listed offences attract both light and heavy penalties if some of the offences considered as reconcilable are not met with the attached condition precedents.

Davido violated the provisions of Section 3(I)(15) of the NYSC Bye-Laws (18/19), Section 3(III)(2, 3, 5 6, 7,12, 14)) of the NYSC Bye-Laws (18/19), and Section 4(9) of the NYSC Bye-Laws (18/19). For ease of reference, I hereunder reproduce the contents of the cited sections of the Bye Laws:

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