You know you’ve made it big when you can say you’ll be getting 23 luxury rides from Mercedes-Benz and people believe you. Local rapper, Nasty C, says he’ll be getting almost two dozen cars for his next birthday.

Fans of rap music know that Nasty C is a big deal – his tracks are admired all over the world. But is he a big enough deal to be gifted 23 luxury rides from Mercedes-Benz? He seems to think so.

The 22-year-old took to social media to share a snap of himself with a Merc and the caption hints at him getting luxury rides for his next birthday, which is the 11th of February.

@mercedesbenzsa launch party. They giving me 23 Cars on my next birthday

Of course, this could just be a young man fooling around, fans sure think it’s believable that he’d be on the receiving end of such a generous set of gifts. Rowlene, the gifted singer who collaborated with Nasty to give fans the hit track SMA, jokingly commented that Nasty knows where she lives.

Wow 23 cars…we @phcityhype look forward to seeing this….

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