Indigenous Nigerian rapper/hip-hop recording artiste, Tochukwu Melvin Ejiofor, better known by his stage name as Illbliss, but fondly called ‘Oga Boss’, is not one Nigerian singer to meddle in political issues on social media except in his music. But he seems to have changed his position as he has expressed his disappointment with the Buhari-led government on his twitter handle.

According to him, besides being confused if Buhari is the president of Nigeria, he is also silent on so many issues, which is not meant to be so.

He continued that because of President Buhari’s constant stillness on delicate matters, Nigerians have started to feel like there is no government in power anymore. “We all feel like a ship with no captain, no direction”, he lamented.

Speaking further, he reminded President Buhari how great Nigeria is, he urged him to show some level of compassion by proving himself a true leader.

“This is a powerful country you have been installed to rule. Can you really just rule and show any level of empathy? Can you sir”, he said.

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