P-Square break-up saga influences the way we operate – Music duo, AB


Following the drama that trailed the break-up of popular music brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye, better known as P-Square, most music groups have taken a cue or two and reviewed their mode of operation. Apex and Bionic of AB Such seems to be the case of music brothers, Andrew and Daniel Omokhudu, better known by their stage name Apex and Bionic (AB), who revealed that the P-Square drama helped them in their relationship and also influenced the operation of their management.

“The break-up saga influenced the way we treat each other. We show more respect for each other now and also try to keep things between us and build a good relationship enough to always make it possible for us to resolve our misunderstandings and not invite a third party to resolve our conflict. It also shaped the way we do business in a way, because we are all aware of the problems that come with disorganization when it comes to money,” they said.

P-Square break-up saga influences the way we operate – Music duo, AB 1 phcityhype
Apex and Bionic of AB

The new skool afro-vibe singers added that although they are still single and upcoming, they will make sure marriage or stardom does not affect their relationship. “We are ready to fight for the relationship we have and the battle is forever. When we stop trying is when we can fall apart but we pray God gives us the strength to do this together forever.

We believe in understanding and communication to create good relationship. We always try to stay positive and be real with each other and fight off negativity ” they said. The music duo, Apex and Bionic who hail from Owan in Edo State released their first single “ Just the Other Day” in 2014 and followed up by 3 more singles; namely, Tell Them, Oshere and a 10-track EP. They have worked with Uhuru, DJ Maphirisa of South Africa and many others. They are signed to JFK Resolute Entertainment record label.

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