Omojuwa Defends Toke Makinwa And Mercy Aigbe Over Rumors That They Built Their Empire By Lying On Their Backs

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Omojuwa Defends Toke Makinwa And Mercy Aigbe Over Rumors That They Built Their Empire By Lying On Their Backs 1 phcityhype

There was this unfounded rumours on social media that Toke Makinwa and Mercy Aigbe built their empire with the help of male sponsors. But Omojuwa has an interesting take on the rumours.
The rumours claim Mercy Aigbe’s house was bought for her by a prominent man and Toke’s lifestyle is also funded by someone. But Omojuwa gave a very insightful opinion on the rumours as he came to the defence of both women.
He wrote:
Share this post with your Friends on A society can never advance beyond the collective mentality of its people. Poor societies are poor because their systems are set up to make people poor but essentially because there is a mentality that drives poverty, cultures it and amplifies it. The same mentality that kills or gets on the way of enterprise.
I know these two enterprising ladies. Without knowing them personally, you see them creating businesses and products and getting stuff done. They create products, write, create platforms, movies, sign endorsement deals…their path to wealth is apparent to any rational person.
But ours is a society that suspects progress and wealth. When a young person is rich, even with an apparent value creation system, we ascribe their success to everything other than the fact that they create value and earn income.
These days, we have blogs and sites focused on damaging people’s reputation than pushing progress. You create a product and they look away; someone starts a dirty unfounded rumour and they jump on it. They amplify. They drop




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