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May 25, 2019 OAP Gbemi O shares hilarious tip on how to take perfect pictures for the gram

Good bye to waist trainers and photoshopped bodies as Nigerian OAP, Gbemi has taken to social media to share a hilariously wonderful tip on how to look good in order to achieve the perfect look.

Sharing a rather stunning photo of herself flaunting her mid-section, she captioned the photo with a witty description on how to take photos like the one she put up.

She wrote: “How to take this sort of picture-Plan with the photographer – when he/she is about to take the shot , you count 1…2…and right before 3…. you s#ck it in (s#ck belle)…Try a few more times ….Once you’re done, wear your regular baggy tee and eat . Don’t kill yourself.Na fat you fat ….you no kill person”

Meanwhile, social media has been buzzing with reactions following the now viral tweet of a Nigerian lady who revealed she just discovered her boyfriend of 5 years is her maternal cousin.

While some cultures in Nigeria practice and encourage the marriage of cousins, it isn’t something generally accepted by people.

This explains why Twitter user, @fina_fina01, has taken to the platform to express her hurt and disappointment after discovering her boyfriend is her maternal cousin.

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