So many actors and actresses have been open about how the showbiz industry is not all roses and fun.

It seems retirement for actors and actresses here in Mzansi is still not a reality as most of them struggle to book jobs and when they do not most of them pay well. Veteran actress Nthati is the latest to get candid about going broke and relying on her family handouts after being unemployed for eight months.

You know how our industry works – if you don’t work, you don’t eat. My finances were shocking. I had maxed out my credit card and I was relying on my family for handouts. Man, you have no idea,’ she said.

Nthati revealed that she almost quit right before she got her role now on Lockdown Mzansi.

“I honestly wanted to give up acting. I felt there was something else out n there that could bring me more money.”


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