Notorious Nigerian Trafficker extorts victim of $3,500 in Haiti; implicates him to get jailed


Francis Obaifo who hails from Delta State has been declared wanted by Nigerian community in North America after trafficking, defrauding and implicating some of his compatriots.

A representative of of an NGO who is working tirelessly to arrest Francis and curb his illicit activities reached out to Within Nigeria with photos, audio confession of one of the victims and a brief narration of Francis’ latest criminal activities.

Notorious Nigerian Trafficker extorts victim of $3,500 in Haiti; implicates him to get jailed 1 phcityhype
Francis Obaifo

The NGO Representative via Whatsapp conversation with Within Nigeria sent audio confession of a victim and and wrote:

Nigerians in diaspora and all over the world, there’s a wanted person in the name of FRANCIS… that has been trafficking young Nigeria guys and extorting money from them.

“Recently the same Francis invited a Nigerian guy to Haiti with promises of helping him move to Bahamas in week after he arrived Haiti, name withheld for security reasons.

“He extorted this guy’s money, even-money that the relatives of this said guy borrowed to enable Francis arrange documents for their brother to go to Bahamas

“The ordeal of this innocent Nigerian guy started when Francis has collected all his 3500usd and he didn’t have more money to give Francis.

“Francis set this guy up with rape case and put him in prison for one year now. The girl that was supposedly ‘raped” and her uncle later confessed that it was Francis that told them to lie so that the guys family in Nigeria would send 5000usd for them to share.

“Nigerians in the diaspora, please and please this guy needs help to be released from Haiti prison.

“I use this medium to plead to all Nigerians to be on the look out for FRANCIS…, he is hardened criminal, a scammer in Haiti as I write he has fled to Guyana to start a new life only for Nigerians there to confront him for locking up an innocent guy in Haiti prison and wanting to marry and stay in Guyana. He was asked to go back to Haiti and confess but he won’t.

“This NGO cannot handle this case alone and that is why we are calling on any person that can assist in any way to release this guy to help us.

“Also broadcast this message for Nigerians and non Nigerians to be on the look out for the scammer, criminal Francis… He is from delta state.

Listen to audio narration by one of his victims below.

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