The Nollywood industry has been thrown into a state of mourning following the demise of a promising figure known by the name, Holiness Young Ngwongwo has been killed by unknown gunmen.

As we all know, the Nigerian movie industry has produced many actors and actresses over the years and at the same time lost most of them to the cold hand of ‘Death’. They have lost icons within the short period of the year 2019 and it’s been a sad occurrence. Ngwongwo, unfortunately, has joined the list of stars lost.

Nollywood Mourns As Popular Actor, Young Dies 1 phcityhype

The fast-rising actor was killed by assailants. The circumstances behind his death are presently unknown. He was murdered by some unidentified people alongside his female friend. He has been described as one of the most talented acts featuring in epic movies. He is popularly known by his famous role in Nollywood as a native doctor.

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