Moment Pastor Fatoyinbo Of Coza Revealed He Was Chief Priest Of Black Axe Cult


Embattled founder of COZA church, Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo had once told his church members that he was the chief priest of Black Axe cult during his time in the University.

A new video has surfaced of COZA Biodun Fatoyinbo preaching during a church service, where he revealed that he was the chief priest of Black Axe cult or confraternity while he was a student of University of Ilorin.

Watch the video below.

He said in the video;

“I hate to say this, but I’m gonna say this to help you. When I was in school I was in Black Axe and I was their Chief Priest. Everyone looking for initiation ended up with me and I used to lead them in confession. When I gave my life to Christ and I understood this dimension, I laughed and said the devil is a stupid guy. We will put the axe on your head and you will repeat after me, and I will tell you by the authority conferred on me I say this, same principle. I have tasted the two worlds and I can tell you this is the way it works. The devil understand this.”

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