Man allegedly disappears for 6 days as he enters his local fishing boat


Recently we reported an update concerning the woman who killed her husband for having an affair and impregnanting another woman outside their marriage.

Today is quite a different story, but it still originates from somewhere close to the locality the other incident occurred, this one happened at Buguma city, precisely at Tom-west compound, Asari-Toru L.G.A of Rivers state.

This is like one of those Nigerian movie we normally watch.

The picture above is that of the man Mr. Awoala Sunday Johnbull, who went missing for six (6)days, according to his nephew Banigo Soibifa-a, his uncle said the last thing he could recall was that he came out at the early hours of 4:00AM that faithful day, with his fishing tools for
fishing, he went to where his boat was located, and he entered the boat to open the padlock…

Man allegedly disappears for 6 days as he enters his local fishing boat 1 phcityhype

That was just all he could recall, we found him at the early hours of
2:00AM today. Meanwhile he had a case with one woman that hails from Ogoni land, and they were close to the day of last judgement and it was clear that the court judgement would favour him.

This very incident occurred a day before the very said judgment day, since he recalls nothing of the incident that occurred during his disappearance, it’s still a wander story.

God is indeed a wonderful God,
For keeping him alive to see his families once again


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