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King Monada’s angry former best friend exposes all his dirty secrets – He Is selfish and greedy

Popular musician, King Monada, has adoring fans all over the world but it seems there’s one person who can’t stand him – his former friend. Omee, also a musician, is ‘spilling all the tea’ on who he thinks Monada really is.

Khutso Steven Kgatle, better known as King Monada, had burst into fame with his hit track, Malwedhe, and since then it seemed as if he can’t set a foot wrong.

The musician has built a massive fan-base that reaches as far as the UK, where he has also performed.

However, one person is doing his best to drag Monada’s name through the mud – his former friend, Muso Omee.

The feud between Monada and Omee started with a song called Letter to the King – it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who he was referring to.

The diss track was brimming with allegations against Monada, such as fights with other artists, claims of selfishness and more.

Even CK from Double Trouble dismissed the claim that he and Monada fought. Albert Makwela, Monada’s manager, told Sunday Sun that Omee is being used by another recording studio to attack Monada. “Look, Monada is one of the top artists and people will always drag his name through the mud. We can see that Omee has moved to another recording studio and is being used to attack Monada.”

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