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Keeping up with the Fergusons – Fans looking forward to Shona and Connie Fergusons’s reality show

Even though Mzansi has been blessed with some really cool reality shows, err’body is still eagerly waiting for Keeping Up With The Fergusons.

Why? Well, because the Fergusons are levels on levels!

Fans of the family brought up the idea in the comments section of a smoking hot snap that Connie and Shona shared on Instagram that almost broke the net!

Not only do all (and we mean all) members of the family have huge individual followings on social media, but they are all genuinely lovable characters. Fam, even Connie’s grandson is a star and a champion in meme making – and he’s not even five years old yet!

The Fergusons are media moguls with enough talent at home to make things happen.

Here are three reasons why Mzansi deserves a reality show from this fab family.

1. The combos are always communicating!

2. Their children are all thriving in their careers.

3. They’ve got the mansion, the cars and the status.

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