K Naomi dragged for telling tweeps the ‘correct way’ to pour and sip champagne

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K Naomi ruffled a few feathers on Twitter this week with comments she made about how people should drink champagne

One would think it is as simple as “pour and sip” but according to the model, some people have been doing it wrongly this whole time.

“Why do you guys fill champagne up to the brim like it’s Fanta orange?” she asked.

She asked and her followers replied with some very interesting answers.

“Because we bought it ourselves and will drink how it pleases us,” one wrote.

Another added: “I’m still gonna finish the whole bottle so why delay myself with half a glass.”

“Their champagne. Their thirst. Their throats. Their glasses.”

Some Twitter users accused K Naomi of trying to be “bougie” (viz. bourgeoisie), which is street talk for someone trying to act higher class when they are not

One Twitter user asked who made her the Minister of Beverages.

Maybe K Naomi can share a video of herself pouring champagne so we can all know the correct way to do it.

In the meantime, you can watch this clip on how to open and pour champagne, because we all need to know this, um, important skill.




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