Fan confronts Actress Linda Osifo over ‘chocolate caption’

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Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo is caught between been a candy bar and a goddess. The doe-eyed actress took to her Instagram to flaunt her popping melanin glow, but her caption didn’t sit well with one of her die-hard fans.

Sharing the photo to her page, the actress wrote,

Linda Osifo

Na chocolate we chocolate, we nor commit crime…you touch am?😅

According to Linda’s fan, he cringes when he sees captions of beautiful black women calling themselves a chocolate.

He said her sees it as a derogatory term and racist, since black women are superior and he doesn’t any white woman referring to herself as a candy bar.

He however said, black women are God’s greatest creation, so they should see themselves as black queens, not chocolate.

In response to her fan’s imposing superiority complex, Linda said, she tastes like chocolate and that is why she calls herself a chocolate. She also said it has nothing to do with being a racist.

See conversation below.

Fan confronts Actress Linda Osifo over ‘chocolate caption’ 1 phcityhype




Fan confronts Actress Linda Osifo over ‘chocolate caption’ 8 phcityhype
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