Rapper AKA has a soft spot for his daughter – we all know that. He recently showed her just how much he loves her by buying her a bouquet of flowers, her first-ever. He added that he hopes he’ll be the only man to ever give her flowers.

AKA makes a point of upholding this image of a tough guy, but he has one weakness and that’s his daughter, Kairo.

He admitted that having Kairo in his life has changed him for the better, and it’s clear that he is a happy, proud and devoted father.

The cutest video of AKA giving his princess flowers was shared on social media, and it melted the hearts of many.

AKA handed Kairo a bouquet of yellow flowers, saying he is the first man to give her flowers and he hopes it stays that way. Clearly, AKA wants Kairo to be his little girl forever.

How adorable!

Followers were really touched by the sweet moment captured on camera:


That’s really awesome.A girl’s first love is her dad.


You’re such a great dad..


Ohhhhh,That’s so Sweet


Best Daddy in the world..


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