Ace nollywood Actor Kunle Afolayan’s marriage reportedly crashes over infidelity

Film producer and director, Kunle Afolayan, the curtain has fallen on his marriage to Tolu Afolayan, mother of his three children, as both have called it quits on their matrimony and gone their separate ways after futile attempts at savaging what was left of the internally troubled union.

According to a source privy to the unfortunate collapse, things between Kunle and Tolu got to a head after the two became hostile companions living under a roof with suspicion and distrust, which culminated in Tolu packing her baggage and living their matrimonial home for good with an intent to never to step a foot into Kunle’s house again.

It is gathered that accusations and counter-accusations had become a recurring pastime between the Afolayans. Kunle had always been incessantly accused of being incurably adulterous. His alleged waywardness was said to be so legendary that he was perennially charged of lying with women of different shapes and shades.

Kunle’s penchant for women was said to have no boundaries. He is reportedly at home with spinsters as much as he is with married women and widows, especially those with financial capacity to line his pockets.

Our source hinted that Tolu made spirited attempts to ensure that Kunle’s lecherous ways were curtailed but to no avail. Her endurance was stretched beyond its limit when she came to full realisation that her husband was neck deep into voodoo.

Kunle Afolayan is said to have a thing for fetish lifestyle and idolatry, a practice which always put Tolu on the edge. She was very concerned about their kids as Kunle was hell bent in indoctrinating them with his idolatrous beliefs. It is not clear if Tolu left with all the kids.

Not ready to rue her matrimonial loss, Tolu has reportedly moved on as she has found romantic solace in a relationship with a Lagos big boy who has been dotting on her. A couple of weeks after bidding farewell to Kunle, Tolu’s newly found love interest has bought a car for her.

Unconfirmed reports say Tolu and the mysterious lover might have been an item even before her marriage took the hits. Those in the know say Kunle and Tolu’s marriage was one of convenience as Kunle was never in love with Tolu.

According to these sources, Kunle Afolayan was done with the union long ago but stayed in it because of their children who needed their mother’s care and attention on occasions when Kunle would be in locations. Fear of what the society would say was also said to be another factor that kept Kunle in the marriage until now.

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