PUBLIC NOTICE: What you should know about Late Mr. Inedukoba Charles Tyger and his murderer Ajemina Douglas


This is to inform the general public and also social media users posting on their respective media handles about the tragic incident that occurred at ABALAMA, in Asari-toru L. G. A, Rivers State of Nigeria, about the sad truth concerning the untimely demise of a brother and Father, Late Mr. Charles Tyger.

The decomposed body of Inedukoba Charles Tyger, was on Tuesday June 25th, exhumed from a shallow grave in Abalama Sandfield Asari-Toru Local Government Area in Rivers state, months after he was declared missing by family and friends.

A friend of the deceased, Ibiye Dokubo, had raised alarm on February 26th, via his Facebook page, that Tyger, had gone missing. According to Dokubo’s post, Tyger and his wife were at loggerheads after she found out he had impregnated another lady.

After many weeks of detailed investigation and thorough search, the corpse of Mr Tyger was exhumed on Friday, June 25th.

The wife, Ajemina Douglas, has been accused of killing him and burying his remains. She was allegedly arrested by the police recently and the officers were led to the shallow grave where he was buried by one of her hired tugs.

The state police command is yet to release a statement on this case.

Please be sure to specify that the Accused and the Victim of that terrible circumstance are both natives Of BUGUMA in Asari-toru L.G.A in RIVERS STATE of NIGERIA.

As it is denting the good image of ABALAMA community a.k.a Alabama City…

And also noting that the Family of Deceased is no longer residing in/at ABALAMA.
Thank you and Godbless us all.


  1. The wife of the late brother man is an evil natured and extremely jealous sister woman. When she found out her husband had impregnated another sister woman, she became the embodiment of degraded consciousness. Powerful demonic spirits easily enters and reside in human beings with degraded consciousness. The moment they find shelter in such filthy human bodies, the powerful demons will use their human bodies to achieve their own purposes and instigate bloodshed and murders. Of a truth I tell you, the filthy human bodies of serial killers, who kill and sever the head and other human parts from the body are possessed by extremely powerful blood thirsty demonic beings. When such killers are caught, they should be made to face the full wrath of the law. Such vicious killers should not blame the devil for their evil actions. Their evil nature and dwelling persistently on evil thoughts, made it easy for demonic spirits to find shelter within them.

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